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Northwest Employers Marketplace (NWEM) provides a unique access to community-rated medical plans. It offers an exclusive combination of products:

  • Community-rated medical plans through Regence BlueShield or Asuris Northwest Health (based on county)
  • Dental through Delta Dental of Washington
  • Vision through VSP
  • Life and AD&D through LifeMap

By obtaining coverage through the Northwest Employers Marketplace employers will enjoy value-added services such as:

  • Assistance from third party administrator, Vimly Benefit Solutions Inc.
  • All our employer and employee resources and portals, and the hands-on client services our team is committed to provide.

DiMartino Associates is the Managing General Agent for Regence BlueShield and Asuris Northwest Health community-rated plans.
Contact us for further information at 800-488-8277 or NWEM@dimarinc.com.
Download a Marketplace flyer on Regence / Marketplace flyer on Asuris

Enrollment Forms
For groups of 1-50 employees on payroll, including affiliated companies, in the prior calendar year. Complete and return to NWEM@dimarinc.com
Deadline is 12pm of the 15th prior to the effective month. 

2018 Regence 1-50 Group Master Aplication
2018 Asuris 1-50 Group Master Application
2018 NWEM Group Master Application

2018 Regence Census Enrollment Template
2018 Asuris Census Enrollment Template
2018 NWEM Enrollment Form

2018 BSI EFT Authorization Form 
(EFT is the required method of payment in NWEM. EFT drafts take place around the 15th of each month for the upcoming month's coverage)

Plan Summaries and Summary of Benefits and Coverages


For medical SBCs and Benefit Summaries - please visit www.regence.com and www.asuris.com

2018 NWEM VSP Vision Plan Summaries
2018 NWEM LifeMap Plan Summaries

2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 1
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 1 with Ortho
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 2
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 2 with Ortho
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 3
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 3 with Ortho
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 4
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Plan 4 with Ortho

2018 NWEM Delta Dental Voluntary Plan 5
2018 NWEM Delta Dental Voluntary Plan 6


2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Platinum 250
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Platinum 500
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Gold 500
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Gold 1000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Gold 2000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Gold HSA 1500
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Silver 3000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Silver Essential 4000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Silver HSA 2000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Silver HSA 3500
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Silver HSA 4000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Bronze Essential 7150
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Bronze HSA 5000
2017 NWEM Regence Medical - Bronze HSA 6000

2017 NWEM Delta Dental Group Plan Summaries
2017 NWEM Delta Dental Voluntary Plan Summaries
2017 NWEM VSP Vision Plan Summaries
2017 NWEM LifeMap Plan Summaries

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